Art and Science on a Postcard

A practical workshop for local artists and scientists to share ideas and to get creative with science.

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Brought to you by InterSci and ASCUS Art & Science in collaboration with the Midlothian Science Festival 2019, Art & Science on a Postcard, is a networking and hands-on workshop for artists and scientists to exchange knowledge and ideas and to get creative with science.

2019 Dates:

Pre Workshop Mixer: Saturday 5th October 10am-12pm Dalkeith Arts Centre

Morning Workshop: 10:00am-12:30pm, Sat 12th October Dalkeith Arts Centre

Afternoon Workshop: 1:00-3:30pm, Sat 12th October Dalkeith Arts Centre

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Mixer event

A pre workshop mixer event on 5th October so you will have the opportunity to meet your partner and chat the week before the main workshop. It is important you are available for both the mixer and workshop so you can start the conversation.

The Workshop:

Artists will be encouraged to act as a creative mentor to the scientist they are paired with, sharing their practice and experience and scientists will be encouraged to communicate their research in ways that are accessible and to think outside the box in terms of how their science could be represented. The challenge being to ‘distill` an idea or your converstaion onto a A6 postcard.

Who is it for?

We encourage artists interested in exploring the challenge of image making in the response to current scientific research, and scientists interested in embracing creative approaches to image making as a visual aid in explaining their research to take part.

For artists this is an opportunity to:

  • explore creatively concepts of current scientific research
  • unearth and discuss some of the current complex questions of life being explored in science
  • share your creative practice and approaches with scientists and other artists
  • produce your own creative reactions to science through responsive image making (on a postcard)
  • explore the challenge of image making in response to current scientific research
  • be a creative mentor to your scientist pair
For scientists this is an opportunity to:

  • think about the essence of your research creatively and in a metaphorical and narrative sense
  • explore alternative ways to explain and share your research with non-scientists
  • get excited about your research
  • get non-science audiences excited and engaged with current scientific research
  • explore the challenge of making images (on a postcard) that reflect and/or capture aspects of your research
  • be challenged to explain your science in alternative and simplified ways

About Workshop Partners

ASCUS Art and Science is a non-profit organisation committed to bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. ASCUS works with partners and practitioners to create innovative trans-disciplinary projects to engage new and wider audiences and facilitate innovative public engagement with both fields.

Midlothian Science Festival is a month long science festival throughout Midlothian with the aim to inspire and engage people in science and discovery, and build trust between local science centres and local communities.