The Team

At InterSci, we believe scientific innovation comes from interdisciplinary work and open conversations. We encourage collaboration between scientists of different disciplines, and provide a platform for scientists to share their work with the public and to learn from others.

InterSci was founded in 2017 by a group of postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh with an interest in scientific innovation.

Amelia Hallas-Potts small        Amelia Hallas-Potts, President and Co-Founder

I am a PhD student working on medical imaging with healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. My course aims to encourage interdisciplinary research by combining clinical biological research with physics, chemistry and business studies. I have a BSc in Neuroscience but my PhD project is to develop a microscopy technique to investigate ovarian cancer invasion. I work with scientists from different disciplines everyday to try to improve my research and that’s why I think InterSci is such an important concept. Without cross collaboration and interdisciplinary science it is hard to see the bigger picture of your research. I also enjoy participating in public engagement activities and think it is very important that scientists can communicate their research to each other but also to the public.

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260613_3650.jpg      Diana Sá da Bandeira, Secretary and Co-Founder

I am a biologist, currently doing a PhD in Regenerative Medicine, where I’m studying the components of the biological microenvironment that nurtures the formation of blood stem cells during embryonic development. I have always been interested in different areas of science, such as physics, biology and engineering. However, as people specialise more and more in certain subjects, it becomes harder and harder to follow ongoing research in fields in which you are not an expert. With InterSci, I aim to bring current and exciting research in different fields to anyone interested, in an accessible way. Ultimately, I want to break the barrier between science, research and the public, and change the often negative image people have about scientists.

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Therese      Therese Gelbenegger, Treasurer 

As a MSc by Research student in Integrative Neuroscience, I am delighted to be treasurer of a society that facilitates cross-talk between scientists in different areas of research and also encourages a broader audience to participate in scientific discussions in a non-jargon way. I feel that science should not be limited to the academic environment only but has a much bigger impact when the public gets engaged. I am thrilled to be part of this movement and excited about the upcoming events for the next year. 

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ellie.jpg      Ellie Cawthera, Editor

I’m a Master’s student in Science Communication and Public Engagement. I believe that sharing science with wider audiences is essential for research to be worth while and have true impact. With a life’s goal to make science accessible to everyone, I am delighted to have this role with InterSci. I hope to help researchers discuss their work with the world outside academia and aim to help InterSci provide fora for the public to hear about, question, and offer insight into research.

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unnamed (2)        Jess Taylor, Website and Social Media Manager

I am currently the marketing assistant for a bioinformatics company in Edinburgh, doing everything from social media to website content. I have just finished an MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement, during which I realised how much I enjoy talking about science with people, rather than doing it!

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Jilly       Jilly Hope, Events Team Member

I am a new postdoctoral researcher working on a project that aims to understand the mechanisms underlying vision loss in Retinitis Pigmentosa. I have a BSc, MSc and PhD in Neuroscience and have lots of experience teaching and communicating science through previous roles as a high school teaching assistant, university tutor and as a science communication with the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre.

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41309163_256915051626702_3607365155286941696_n      Leire Ledahawsky, Events Team Member

I am a PhD student investigating mitochondrial proteins that could be used as therapeutic targets in Parkinson Disease. Over the course of 2017/2018, I attended events organised by InterSci where I had the opportunity to interact with scientists across different disciplines as well as members of the general public interested in science. In doing so, I have realised how much I benefit and learn from these interactions. I therefore look forward to playing a more active role in science communication and public engagement activities on the InterSci committee team.

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cchermazBW       Carol Chermaz, Events Team Member

I am a computer scientist specialised in signal processing; my research is focused on improving the intelligibility of speech for users of hearing prosthetics. I am part of a research network that brings together scientists from different fields: this amazing experience is teaching me how we stand a better chance of answering difficult questions when individuals with varied expertise join efforts. This is why I am very keen on building bridges between different fields of knowledge, and I think the InterSci events are a wonderful chance to do that. Besides that, I think it is essential for the general public to be aware of what’s going on in academic research: with InterSci anyone can learn about hot topics directly from the experts, in a simple and friendly way.

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unnamed       Tom Carr, Events Team Member

Previous team members

whatsapp-image-2017-09-02-at-09-54-51-e1504523694166.jpeg        Alina Gukova, Co-Founder

img_15451-e1501254650772.png        Bonnie Nicholson, Co-Founder

whatsapp-image-2017-09-13-at-09-03-30-e1509962888772.jpeg         Ana Rondelli, Events Manager

unnamed (8)        Lorna Cudmore, Designer