June Newsletter

Summer is trying it's best to prevail and we are cheering it on. If you haven't had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather then look no further than our upcoming summer activities... read on for more. Meadows Festival Join us in crossing our fingers that it won't rain this weekend. We are running a … Continue reading June Newsletter

May Newsletter

Welcome to our May Newsletter The sun is shining, the days are longer and we're all gearing up for a summer of science fun! ASK A SCIENTIST ... ChatSci! We boast a wide variety of speakers in our conversation series but not all of them are scientists! We've been delighted to have artists and entrepreneurs, for example, speak about how they use science in their … Continue reading May Newsletter

March Newsletter

We hope you have all been enjoying the snow and staying safe. We have a number of exciting events coming up, read on for details... UPCOMING EVENTS TONIGHT - Ask A Scientist Come along (Argyle Bar 7:30) to engage in great conversations about cool science. Tonight, fashion meets science and we explore research into brain repair. … Continue reading March Newsletter