Meet the scientists

InterSci’s ChatSci conversation series is lucky enough to host a diverse group of scientists with fascinating stories! Meet the scientists for this series and be sure not to miss them.

5 November

Paul 1.jpgPaul Cowling

Paul is a 4th year OPTIMA CDT PhD student working on fluorescence imaging of lung cancer. During the summer of 2018, he went on placement as part of his PhD studies. This placement was with a company called NY Sun Works based in New York. The company builds hydroponic farms inside school classrooms to create innovative learning environments for the students. During Paul’s placement he learnt about the company and what makes it successful. Education is one of Paul’s passions and he hopes to implement a similar scheme in Scotland to improve STEM education here.

Hayleigh 3

Hayleigh Lloyd

I obtained my Undergraduate Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Bath. My speciality was the fundamentals of crystal structures. I moved to Edinburgh in 2012 to begin my PhD in energetic materials. The main focus of my work was to understand the crystal and physical properties of explosives with an aim to produce cleaner and safer materials. After obtaining my degree from the University of Edinburgh I became a postdoctoral research associate at the same institute. I have been involved in many projects such as, producing and testing lead-free initiators for detonators, synthesising new rocket propellant, and investigating novel manufacturing techniques.

19 November


Kiani Jeacock

Kiani is a 1st year PhD student based at the UoE School of Chemistry. Her research focuses on the protein that is associated with Parkinson’s disease, alpha synuclein. Specifically, she is interested in the different types of modifications that can happen to alpha synuclein, how these modifications affect the behaviour of the protein, and how they lead to the development of disease. The long term goal is to identify a biomarker to enable earlier detection of Parkinson’s disease in patients.


Carol 1Carol Chermaz

I have been a sound geek for as long as I can remember. I have worked as a sound engineer before getting into medical research as an IT professional. At some point it occurred to me that I could merge sound and research: that’s how I started working in audiology, and became more and more interested in the field of hearing prosthetics.

In 2017 I have joined the ENRICH network and started my PhD at the University of Edinburgh: my goal is to make speech more intelligible for users of hearing prosthetics. I am a computer scientist, a musician and a ham radio: a little bit of everything helps in this tough challenge. I now have the remarkable opportunity of working with those who can shape the technologies of tomorrow, and I am trying to make the most of it!

3 December

Speakers for Week 3 will be announced the week of 26 November.

17 December

The discussion topic and introductory speaker for the final week of ChatSci Series 6 will be announced on the week of the 10th December.