Meet the scientists

InterSci’s ChatSci conversation series is lucky enough to host a diverse group of scientists with fascinating stories! Meet the scientists for this series and be sure not to miss them.

21 January – Dining Room, Teviot Student Union

samuel 1

Samuel Casasola Zamora

Samuel is about to finish his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on understanding plants’ immune system, how plants identify dangerous microbes and protect themselves. If we understand how plants do this, we will be able to engineer better crops to address food demand.

Samuel’s main interest relies on the application of emerging technologies to tackle everyday problems. He has worked as a tech transfer intern at Edinburgh Innovations Ltd. and participated in different organisations promoting innovation. Additionally, he recently led an expedition to do metagenomics in the highlands with the goal to characterise the microbial communities living in Loch Ness and identify genes with an industrial application (  

magnus 1

Magnus Speirs

I am an undergraduate Masters chemist doing my final year research project.

I am studying energetic cocrystals, mainly working on creating cocrystal layers on explosive crystals. This aims to increase the safety of these explosives to reduce accidental detonation while maintaining the overall explosive power of modern day explosives. This involves explosives currently used in commercial and military applications.

4 February – Dining Room, Teviot Student Union

The two speakers will be announced the week of the 28th January.

18 February – Dining Room, Teviot Student Union

The two speakers will be announced the week of the 11th February.

4 March – Balcony Room, Teviot Student Union

Our discussion topic for Series 7 as well as the introductory speakers will be announced the week of the 25th February.