Lysimachos Zografos

lysiIt all started with basic biology. I spent a few years making models of Parkinson’s disease using transgenic common fruitflies and use these to screen for new drug candidates. We were able to discover a couple interesting ones.

My job as someone involved in a “virtual” biotech is to design experiments and find contract research organisations to run them as this is much more efficient. In order to do this, I have to stay on top of all new models and methods, see through the noise and select the best tool for the job.

Part of my job is to convince people to fund our work. The challenge of communicating a concise message to an audience of mixed backgrounds and being able to converse in their own language and hopefully convince them (under tons of stress) is one that I’ve particularly enjoyed. This is me pitching in Oxford. The guy on my right runs one of the top-5 pharmaceutical investment funds in the world.

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