Explorathon at ChatSci

For Explorathon 2018 we are hosting a special Saturday night ChatSci!

InterSci’s ChatSci series provides a chance for people to chat about science, with the aim of encouraging collaboration and conversation. The conversations are accessible to all and are directed at non-specialists. (We have “Jargon!” flags to keep on top of this!)

If you’re interested in science or learning about topics outside of your area of expertise, come along for a drink, a chat and bring your friends.

Admission is free but maximum capacity is 30 so seats will be allocated first come first served.

Find the Facebook event here.


pic1Christophe Floreani

I studied my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering and am currently doing a PhD on the design of blades for wind and Tidal Turbines. My works consist in predicting the long term behaviour of blades when exposed to wind forces throughout its lifetime. In doing so, the structure of blades will be made lighter and cheaper through the use of advanced composites material. Better understanding of their performance throughout their lifetime will ensure that only enough material is used instead of overly conservative designs used by wind energy manufacturers today.

01_SophieSophie Quick

Sophie is a second-year PhD student on the Tissue Repair programme and is based at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. She is working on Cerebral small vessel disease, the leading cause of vascular dementia. She is interested in finding out how the cells of the blood-brain barrier might be involved in the mechanisms of this disease and whether targeting these cells could repair the cells of the white matter that are lost in small vessel disease.