Our events are open to all – no matter their backgrounds!


Featuring a diverse range of interesting speakers, our ChatSci events are for people to chat about science, with the aim of encouraging collaboration and conversation.

Our ChatSci events start at 6:30pm in Teviot Row House. The exact room can be found on the ‘Meet the speakers‘ page each week. It runs every two weeks from 22 April – 3rd June and FREE for members. (£2 for non-members, membership is £3 per academic year.)

Speakers from previous events include a fashion designer working with scientists to grow her own fabrics, a host of PhD students working on issues from lung cancer to brain repair, entrepreneurs in areas such as virtual biotech and flat-pack housing, and professional science communicators. Find out more about previous speakers here.

Film Screening and Panel Discussion

‘Can we beat climate change’ is our April 2019 film screening and discussion. For more information, visit the information page now.

We are screening National Geographic’s “Before the Flood”: a critically acclaimed 2016 documentary produced by Martin Scorsese. It features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey around the world as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, travelling to witness the dramatic impact of climate change and discuss the problems with scientists and politicians.

After the screening, three specialists in different fields (Sustainable development, Biodiversity and Engineering) will present their work and lead an interactive Q&A discussion with the audience. Speakers will answer questions about the threat of climate change and give advice on daily best practices to protect the environment.


Our two most recent workshop were “Art and Science on a Postcard“. These brought together the two disciplines to create science-related pieces of art which were exhibited as part of the Festival of Creative Learning run by the University of Edinburgh in February 2019 and the Pint of Science initiative in May 2018.

A previous workshop “Let’s talk about animal research” aimed to assist researchers in how to talk to the public about their animal research.

We also host a range of ad-hoc events such as a recent panel discussion on AI and robotics as well as semi-regular science-themed pub quizzes.

If you have an idea for an event or you would like to collaborate on one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

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