May Newsletter: Chatsci, Pub Quiz and More!

Welcome to our May Newsletter!

A royal baby boy, the Avengers finale and bank holidays a-plenty. It’s May and Winter is still clinging like chewing gum to a shoe. Luckily for you, we have a some exciting stuff coming up. Read on for more…


That’s right, get yourselves down to Teviot tonight at 6:30. You’ll be hearing from Conor who researches personality traits in chimpanzees 🐒

Then we’ll be back same time, same place on 20 May. Get it in your calendars and keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

Fancy speaking? Great! Get in touch –

Pub Quiz! 13 May

We’re back again for another big summer blow out!

Get your quiz hats on and start revising your general knowledge for InterSci’s Summer Pub Quiz on 13 May.
Where: Argyle Bar
When: Doors open 6:30pm

You don’t need a team to come along, you can join one on the day!

Science Chats at Grassmarket

The Grassmarket Community Project is a community integration initiative. We work with them to bring science to a wider audience. For many people, it’s a unique opportunity to ask questions about the world around us.

We will be hosting another series of Grassmarket Chats throughout May, June and July 2019.

Check out our blog for more info: Science Chats Grassmarket

Finally we would like to leave you with our science fact of the month:

I’m gonna be lazy and send you all to watch this video about the science behind the Avengers. You’re welcome.

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