December Newsletter

Welcome to our December Newsletter!

Merry Christmas! (Too soon? We don’t think so.) Some great stuff coming up this festive season and in the new year so be sure not to miss out! Read on…

Stuff in pubs


Come along to our final ChatSci event of the year on 17 December at Sofi’s Southside, 6:30pm! Join us for a discussion on Immortality: is it possible, and if so, should we allow it to become a reality? Friendly faces, drinks, and interesting talks, what’s not to like? Join our Facebook event for more info and stay tuned for information on ChatSci Series 7 due to start January 2019!

Christmas Pub Quiz!

Our Christmas pub quiz is on the 10 December. With all the rounds you know and love, come prepared with your quiz knowledge! Argyll bar 7pm. More deets here.

Other exciting antics…

Art & Science on a Postcard is back!

After an amazing fundraising effort at our ceilidh, Art & Science on a Postcard 2.0 will be taking place Saturday 26 January (with a mixer event on the 19th)!
At this workshop, artists and scientists will be teamed up and encouraged to exchange knowledge and ideas through collaborative image-making. Join our Facebook event to be the first to know when tickets are released!
Pieces created at this workshop will culminate in a week long exhibition in the Festival of Creative Learning 18-22 February in Edinburgh University Main Library.

Community Engagement – Grassmarket

We are collaborating with the Grassmarket project. This project is a place for the Edinburgh community to come together – anyone can become a member and join in activities like woodwork and cooking and now, science!
We’ll be hosting weekly informal chats about research which aim to provide a space for people, who wouldn’t normally have access to it, to talk openly about research topics and questions.
Taking place throughout January, February and March 2019, we have a group of adults who are keen to hear from scientists! We aim for everyone to feel equal though so it is also a chance for scientists to hear from others. Everyone will be free to ask questions, hence the informal nature.
To find out more about joining in the conversation as an audience member (/participant) or as a speaker, check out our website for details.

Volunteer with us!

If you want to volunteer with InterSci, we are always grateful for a helping hand and new ideas. So please do email us: We look forward to hearing from you!

Finally we would like to leave you with our fun science fact of the month:

Hate brussel sprouts? It’s in your genes. A chemical found in sprouts tastes very bitter to people with one version of a gene, while others carrying a different version can’t taste it at all.

Go on… Google it.

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