November Newsletter

Happy Firework night everybody! And more importantly… Happy Series 6 of ChatSci! That’s right, series 6 starts today so be sure to get down to Harry’s Southside for 6:30.


Set your Guy Fawkes Night off with a bang by attending our event on the science of all things explosive. Join us this for a special Bonfire night ChatSci on TODAY at 6.30 pm in Sofi’s Southside on Buccleuch Street. We have two fascinating speakers and one great venue, what is not to like?

If you can’t make today’s event, fear not! Series 6 continues with “science in the kitchen” and “the proteins behind Parkinson’s Disease”. Our final event of the series will be an open discussion on “transhumanism” – the idea that people can enhance themselves by means of science and technology. Join our Facebook events for more info.

World of Plastics

We ran a very successful public outreach event for Midlothian Science Festival on Monday 8th October focused on the toxic environmental effects of plastics. The workshop was run in collaboration with Edinburgh College. Activities involved learning to make jewellery from recycled materials, exploring the marine environment through control of a robotic arm and creating hanging planters for tree seeds using recycled bottles. We had great engagement from attendees of all ages who really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak one-to-one with experts. Thank you to everyone who ran a stall at the workshop and to everyone who attended!


Article in EuSci
We have an article featured in the latest issue of EuSci magazine which comes out this month. The article provides a summary of what we do as a society and of our previous events – be sure to check it out!

Christmas pub quiz
InterSci will be hosting a Christmas Pub quiz on Monday December 10th! Start your quiz-revision now, and come prepared for a great evening! The location will be announced nearer the time. Join the Facebook event.

New Treasurer
Please welcome Therese Gelbenegger as our new Treasurer!


Finally we would like to leave you with our fun science fact of the month:

The invention of fireworks led to the invention of pyrotechnic weaponry—not the other way around.

Go on… Google it.

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