October Newsletter

A big warm welcome to those who met us and signed up at September’s various activity fairs! As the welcome period winds down and our flagship event, ChatSci, is well under way, it can only mean one thing… Midlothian Science Festival! Don’t miss our fantastic science-fun activities. Deets below.


The best conversations in town are back!
If you’ve missed the first two ChatSci events of Series 5, don’t panic – we have 2 more coming up! Join us on the 8 October, during Biology Week, where two biologists will come and talk about their research. For the big finale of Series 5 on 22 October, join us for a discussion on the concerns, the wonders and the controversy of genetically modified crops. We’ll be joined by an expert in the field but as ever, no prior knowledge required. So come along, grab a drink, meet cool people and learn something new!

ChatSci Series 6 will follow fortnightly from 5 November (for an alternative to your usual Bonfire night) to 17 December inclusive. So keep an eye out on our social media for more information on the speakers.
All ChatSci events will take place at Harry’s Southside, on Buccleuch Street.
Join our Facebook events for more info.

Fancy a free drink?
We are looking for speakers for Series 6, so get in touch. Everyone has a story to tell, and there’s no better way to do it than through an informal conversation with science enthusiasts. You’ll get a free drink as a thank you!
Interested? Email us and feel free to ask us anything – intersci.edinburgh@gmail.com

Midlothian Science Festival

World of Plastics
Join us for World of Plastics on 8 October at Edinburgh College Midlothian Campus for the Midlothian Science Festival. Helping us in the fight against plastics are the Marine Conservation Society, the Scottish Seabird Centre, Greening Gorebridge, eXXpedition and researchers from Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University. Join us to find out ways you can reduce and reuse plastic in a bid to save our planet. More information here.
What keeps the world spinning?
What do Mars bars, the Sun and waterfalls have in common? Join us at another Midlothian Science Festival event at the Lasswade Library on the 20 October for a series of fun, hands on workshops that will help you understand the cool physics behind energy production and harvesting, together with physicists from the University of Edinburgh. More information here.

Volunteer with us!

If you want to volunteer with InterSci, we are always grateful for a helping hand and new ideas. So please do email us: intersci.edinburgh@gmail.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Finally we would like to leave you with our fun science fact of the month:

The chemicals in leaves that are responsible for the vibrant colours of Autumn are the same as the ones found in carrots and egg yolk.

Go on… Google it.

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