August Newsletter

My my, it’s been a busy summer for us behind the scenes. We hope you haven’t missed us too much (of course you have). Find out what we’ve been getting up to below. In the meantime, it was wonderful to see so many of you at the pub quiz on Monday. Congrats to the winning team and thank you everyone who tucked into our delicious cakes – you helped us raise £32.29 to fund all the awesome stuff we’re doing.


…will be back on 10 September and every two weeks thereafter. Stick it in your diaries and join our Facebook events.
But Where?! I hear you cry.
We are bidding our Argyle Bar friends goodbye as we move our flagship event to the welcoming, cosy and newly renovated Harry’s Southside Bar on Buccluech Street (respect if you can pronounce that). Find out more about Harry’s and their social mission here.Your thoughts?
We love you. Do you love us? We’d like to know. If you have attended any Ask a Scientist or ChatSci event, we would really appreciate your thought in our quick questionnaire. (It takes ~4 minutes)

Free drink?
There is still a chance for you to embark on the life-changing experience of becoming a ChatSci speaker. It is rewarding, fun and super empowering. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and there’s no better way to do it than through an informal conversation with science lovers. And don’t forget, all speakers get a free drink as a thank you!

Interested? Email us and feel free to ask us anything –


Our first ever ExploreSci trip will be to Edinburgh Zoo!On the 25th of August we will be taking a day trip to Edinburgh Zoo. We have reduced price tickets from £14.50 for non-students or £12.50 for students. We’ll be meeting by the zoo in the afternoon, all you need is a packed lunch and your sense of adventure! Sign up to our Facebook event here.

Great Exhibition of the North
This weekend, some of the InterSci team are venturing south of the border to bonny Newcastle to cross its many bridges and engage roughly 2000 8-12 year olds with interdisciplinary science. Wish us luck… (If you’re in the area, we’ll be based somewhere in St James’ Park football stadium for the Get North Family Expo.)

More. Yes, more.
It’s been a busy summer for us as we prep to massively step up our game this upcoming academic year. Here’s a rundown:
Sept – Freshers’ Fairs at The Pleasance and King’s Buildings
20th September – an InterSci ceilidh!(Tickets on sale soon so keep your eyes peeled)
Oct – European Researchers Night (hosting Explorathon @ ChatSci). Midlothian Science Festival (hosting two events on ‘Energy’ and ‘Alternative plastics and recycling’).

Join our team

We’ve recently recruited some wonderful new volunteers to our team but as we continue to expand our activities and our reach, we always welcome a helping hand. If you want to help out in anyway, big or small, then drop us an
We really look forward to hearing from you!

Finally we would like to leave you with our fun science fact of the month:

The offspring of a donkey and a zebra is a donkra. But what is a donkey with stripes painted on it? 

Read on… 

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