June Newsletter

Summer is trying it’s best to prevail and we are cheering it on. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather then look no further than our upcoming summer activities… read on for more.

Meadows Festival

Join us in crossing our fingers that it won’t rain this weekend.

We are running a hook-a-duck inspired activity at theMeadows Festival to showcase & promote interdisciplinary science. Be sure to drop by the Community Area and say hello. The activity is tailored to children but if you saw our recent Instagram post, you’ll know it’s a suitable challenge for adults too…


Our final conversation series of the academic year is well underway. If you missed any of our speakers so far, you can find out more about them here.

Join us for our next ChatSci event in Argyle Bar at 6:30pm onMonday 4 June. Our speakers this week include scientists working on dementia and cell decision-making! Read their bios here.

As ever, this series will end in a riveting discussion at the same time same place on 18 June. The topic for this series isSustainable Fashion.

Introducing a brand new event for InterSci!

ExploreSci aims to explore awesome science in more depth with trips such as lab tours and museum/science centre visits. We are in conversation with Edinburgh Zoo for our first one so watch this space! (Social media links below)

Join our team

We’re a friendly bunch and we do a lot of cool stuff but to keep doing all this cool stuff (and more of it), we need a few extra hands…

The roles we do are varied and tend to cross over. This means we are simply looking for people with interesting ideas and drive and enthusiasm to get involved with organising (this sometimes involves playing hook-a-duck and baking cakes).

If this sounds like you then grab a committee member at one of our events or drop us an email (intersci.edinburgh@gmail.com).
We look forward to hearing from you!


Finally we would like to leave you with our fun science fact of the month:

The average weight of a fluffy cumulus cloud is 500.000kg. (Roughly the weight of 100 elephants!

Go on… Google it.

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