Founded by a group of passionate postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh, InterSci aims to encourage conversations about science and technology.

We believe the best scientific innovations come from interdisciplinary work, and that progress and positive change come from education and everyone’s integration in society. Our goal is to encourage conversation and collaboration between scientists of different disciplines, the public, and make science and research accessible to everyone. We provide a platform for experts to share their work and an opportunity to learn from others through our varied events. We are a university society but our events are open to everyone.


All of our events are completely free for our members – and membership lasts for one year.
Students – £3/year
Non-Students – £5/year
You can easily purchase your membership online on the EUSA website, or in person if you are a student at the UoE at any of our events.


ChatSci costs only £2 for non-members and takes place fortnightly in the Cellar Monkey (downstairs of the Argyle bar), Edinburgh University Central Campus. Visit the ‘Meet the Scientist page for the exact location each week.

Our main event features two experts who discuss their work or something they find interesting in science. (All in accessible terms thanks to our “No Jargon” rule.)

If you missed the last series of ChatSci (previously known as “Ask A Scientist”), you can check out the photos and meet speakers who featured in our events.

Other Events
We run workshops, for scientists to develop their public engagement skills, and discussion events where attendees have the opportunity to discuss contentious or controversial areas of science, as well as diverse events in science and family festivals. We have had discussions on human genome editing, nuclear power, climate change, and what we would do if we were contacted by extraterrestrial life.

Upcoming Events
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